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My name is Clare and this blog follows a two month research project which I am carrying out in the city of Chennai, south India.  As part of my master’s course in International Development at the University of Amsterdam, I am undertaking fieldwork to investigate how political and social relations determine the services provided to a poor area of the city.  The area which I am researching is called Kannagi Nagar, which is a slum resettlement site in the suburbs of the Chennai.  The state slum clearance board (SCB) constructed the site ten years ago and since then approximately 76,750 people have been resettled here from many different slums from across the city.  While living conditions in Kannagi Nagar have improved greatly since it was first built, the residents complain about many problems, such as the water supply being dirty and insufficient, the power supply erratic and that the roads are unfinished.

My research investigates how the people who have been resettled to Kannagi Nagar form associations and demand improvements to their living conditions and how the different government bodies, which are responsible for services to Kannagi Nagar, respond to the residents’ demands.  In the course of the next couple of months, I will be conducting interviews and a survey with the residents of Kannagi Nagar,and NGOs and government employees who are working to manage and improve the resettlement site.  Through my research I hope to understand the structures, processes and relations which shape the living conditions in Kannagi Nagar.

This video, made by the Hope foundation, gives an overview of conditions in Kannagi Nagar.  It is not quite up-to-date but it shows the general area: 


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  1. Victor Steenbergen
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 05:39:47

    Really awesome to see the video of Chennai slums. Bit by bit, I’m beginning to feel like I understand what situation you’re currently in. Awesome, Clare! Keep on coming with these posts! 🙂


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